Going with the flow

Going with the flow: who’s flow are you going with?
 By Melissa Bruijn © 2006 So many of us aim to “just go with the flow” as our birthplan.  But could the gentle flow of birth we envisage turn into raging rapids, resulting in a bumpy ride to the land of parenthood?  Melissa Bruijn (Co-founder of [...]

Pain in labour: your hormones are your helpers

By Dr Sarah J Buckley © 2006 Imagine this. Your cat is pregnant, due to give birth around the same time as you are. You have your bags packed for hospital, and are awaiting the first signs of labour with excitement and a little nervousness. Meanwhile your cat has been hunting for an out-of-the way [...]

Myth: caesareans prevent pelvic floor dysfunction

It is estimated around 10% of women will benefit from a Caesarian Section (CS) delivery to avoid prolonged obstruction during labour and major pelvic floor damage.. In the US in 2006, 31.1% of women gave birth by CS,1 in Australia it is around 30%.2 Older mothers (over 40 years) have a higher rate of CS.3 
Your [...]

Myths and truths about healing

Q. > “I feel that the only way to avoid a traumatic birth is to have an elective caesarean so I can control everything…is this true?”

A. > This is quite an understandable and common response. Many of us feel nervous about our perceived lack of control in natural birth and believe that this might be [...]

What are the benefits of skin-to-skin contact upon birth?

Dr Sarah Buckley, international expert on mother and infant bonding says:
“Birth is a major transition for the baby, and newborns have high levels of adrenaline/noradrenaline; the hormones of stress and excitement. Skin to skin care after birth soothes babies and reduces stress, leading to benefits in adapting to life outside the womb.
“Studies have shown that, [...]